Why is sports important in schools

Undeniably, sport is an important part of primary school life. There have been many studies that outline the importance of sport, each with their own conclusions, however, they all share common themes about why the sport is important for school-aged children. Sport helps children to develop physically, socially and mentally, enabling them to better cope with the demands of school life, by:

Our talented musicians recently delighted family, friends and teachers with a range of seasonal concerts. Our Secondary School recital saw students, including the Jazz Band and High School Singers, perform various Christmas numbers to a full theatre, including ‘Silent Night’, ‘Here comes Santa Claus’ and a very jazzy ‘Jingle Bells’. Wearing festive costumes for an extravaganza of performances, a second concert of ‘Holiday Pops’ saw musicians from across the school don reindeer antlers, elf hats and tinsel!

  • developing coordination and gross motor skills
  • building self-confidence and self-esteem
  • developing positive attitudes
  • building resilience
  • encouraging teamwork and cohesion
  • supporting discipline
  • reducing the risk of obesity
  • promoting healthy bone and muscle development.

Studies have also found that sport can enhance the learning potential of children. Students that participate in sport while studying have a greater expectation of results and can achieve higher marks. They also enjoy a greater connection with their school through building stronger relationships in school (and away from it) and feel a greater attachment to family.
Sports at New Little Flower School has two main aims for school students. Firstly, it must be fun, and secondly, it allows ‘time on task’. Although they are graded by their ability, they are encouraged to have fun in an environment that creates a safe and enjoyable sporting experience.
New Little FLowers students are encouraged to participate in sport and give their best.
At New Little Flower School, we believe that sport is fundamental to the student’s development, physically, mentally and spiritually. We believe sport builds character and assists students to realise their potential, passions and purpose in life. To find out more about the New Little Flower difference and the wide variety of sport and physical education options that we provide, come visit our school.