Evolution of Education System over the years

Evolution the generic sense indicates the changes in the species of the earth to adapt to the changes in the surroundings. Evolution dictates the survival of the fittest and natural selection. Hence, evolution just cannot be avoided in this progressive and transforming environment. Evolution is a crucial part of every sector of life We have experienced the evolution of every aspect that affects our everyday lives be it the society, mentality, mannerisms, industries and organizations, transportation, education and basically every other imaginable part of the community.
One part that has seen tremendous growth over the centuries is the education system. From being one of the several non-existent entities in the stone-age to becoming one of the most potent commodities for survival, education has come a very long way.

Our talented musicians recently delighted family, friends and teachers with a range of seasonal concerts. Our Secondary School recital saw students, including the Jazz Band and High School Singers, perform various Christmas numbers to a full theatre, including ‘Silent Night’, ‘Here comes Santa Claus’ and a very jazzy ‘Jingle Bells’. Wearing festive costumes for an extravaganza of performances, a second concert of ‘Holiday Pops’ saw musicians from across the school don reindeer antlers, elf hats and tinsel!

SPARKS, a children’s medical research charity; and the Donald Sutherland Wildlife Foundation as their chosen charities. Following the students’ fundraising, representatives from each charity attended a specially planned assembly to talk about their charities and how the funds raised would help support their causes.


Sow how did education come into form? It dates back to the ancient ages when a need for a common communicative language was felt by humans. Once the interaction was established, the progression of a society geared up to a faster pace.

After some time a need for the preservation of certain, thoughts, ideas etc was felt. In order to convey a certain message, the people of the stone age used to draw figurines on the walls of the caves. This was one of the very first evidence of the emergence of writing knowledge in human beings.

As times progressed, the importance of written communication was enhanced. Several languages were developed and people started to preserve their thoughts in the form of texts. This was done by engraving on stone or clay slabs. 

Then the papyrus was discovered which laid the groundwork for the most important invention, the paper. The invention of paper revolutionised certain sectors and also gave birth to this concept of “education”.



The contemporary educational system is very advanced and it is quite conspicuous, that the scenario was not always the same. The concept of the schools, classrooms, educational curriculum are very recent. In earlier times, education was regarded as the ability to read or write. Parents taught their kids and schooling was not a very important consideration. 

Residential schools were just a part of the elite class education was considered to be luxury and not a necessity

We have covered a very long and advancing path since they and the present education scenario has emerged out to be a very efficient and productive one.

Here are a few changes that have been observed over the years:-

  1. Earlier education was limited to home-schoolings and tuitions. Now attending a school is a necessary part of a child. Education has become a basic fundamental right and is considered to be an important factor of a well-functioning society.
  2. From using little boards and chalks to write in the olden times to then suing notebooks and books. Notebooks are still an important part of the schooling scenario but now several technologies have also affected the educational program. Laptops, computers, writers, visual presenters, smart-boards, projectors etc. have become some of the significant tools of imparting education.
  3. At the earliest of times, when education was just in its budding phase, being literate was considered to be a very high qualification. Then the schools and universities came into existence and today having an undergraduate degree is considered to be a must in order to live a proficient life. Post-graduation has also become a common thing nowadays. Therefore, it can be clearly seen that the education sector has seen a momentous growth and has evolved to a very high standard.